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In-line process

Inline process refractometers are a type of refractometer designed for the continuous measurement of a fluid flowing through a pipe or inside a tank. These refractometers typically consist of a sensor, placed inline with the fluid flow, coupled to a control box. The control box usually provides a digital readout as well as 4-20 mA analog outputs and relay outputs for controlling pumps and valves.

When Abbe style refractometers are used in a high throughput application, prism replacement becomes a regular task. The reason for replacement is that Abbe refractometers have glass prisms (hardness approximately 6 on the Moh's scale) compared to the J57's artificial sapphire prism (hardness 9 on the Moh's scale). By making the prism from artificial sapphire the need to replace the prism is avoided and total cost of ownership is lowered.

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Atago AD-34 (220-240) AC adapter
Manufacturer: Atago
£ 547.83
Cat no: 3529-AT
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The AC adapter used to convert AC220 - 240V to DC24V and to supply power to the CM-780N in-line brix monitor . Learn More
Atago Ethylene Glycol Monitor CM-780N-EG
Manufacturer: Atago
£ 4,125.00
Cat no: 3544-AT
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The CM-780N-EG is specially designed for in-line concentration measurements of ethylene glycol solutions used as coolants, brine, anti-freeze, and de-icing fluids. It also has a secondary scale for the freezing point. Learn More
Atago In-line Brix-Monitor CM-780N Refractometer
Manufacturer: Atago
£ 3,750.00
Cat no: 3561-AT
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Atago 3561 CM-780N In-Line Process Digital Brix Refractometer.
0.0 - 78.0% ±0.2% (resolution 0.1%)
Temperature Display:0 to 99°C ± 1°C (resolution 1°C)
ATC: Automatic Temperature Compensation:5 to 100°C (41 to 212°F).
IP65: Dust-tight and protected against splashing water.
This refractometer is a compact in-line model which can be incorporated in piping of manufacturing plants, or a liquid mixing apparatus, etc to continuously monitor Brix concentration.  While monitoring Brix, press the down arrow to display the sample temperature.
Includes: monitor/display unit with integral refractometer prism/detector, 24VDC connector cable, inspection certificate, test report, and Owner's Manual.
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